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  • Montornès del Vallès has a population of 16,150 inhabitants and has seven sites of economic activity, with leading international companies specialized in the chemical industry, electronics, metallurgical and food, among others. The combination of the industrial character of the town and existing commercial services creates an ideal climate for the installation of all types of businesses
  • The proximity of Montornès with talent and innovation hub of reference (Alba Synchrotron, UAB Research Park, Vallès Technology Park, 22 @ ...) enables to articulate collaboration spaces and accelerates the transfer of talent, knowledge and technology.
  • Montornès is part of the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona and is located just over 20 kilometers from the city of Barcelona, the great innovation hub of southern Europe. Besides, the AP-7 and C-17 highway connect Montornès and its economical areas with the rest of the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.
  • ACC1Ó, the Agency for the competitiveness of business of the Government of Catalonia, promotes investment by foreign companies, providing services and acting as a landing platform. It has an international network of 34 business development centers worldwide. It offers a business location service and a service of incentives for high business impact investments.

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El Raiguer
El Congost
Can Parellada
Carrer de Can Parellada
Carrer Carles Riba
Casa Nova
Can Bosquerons de Baix

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